The Importance of Correct Tyre Pressure

The Importance of Correct Tyre Pressure

By Addison Tyre

Tyres which are under inflated can over heat and potentially cause a dangerous blow out! Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are becoming compulsory equipment on all new cars in the UK. This legal requirement is designed to save lives.  Pressure sensors can be added to any vehicle but what are the benefits of having them?

Keeping the correct tyre pressures on your car is something that many people overlook. How many of us check our car tyres? Even when we remember that we should it’s not an enjoyable task at the best of times but in the middle of winter we put off checking them until it’s a bit warmer. The advantage of tyre pressure sensors is that you don’t have to check – the car will let you know when they need attention.

So Why is Correct Tyre Pressures so Important?

Tyres that are over or under inflated by a large amount can over heat and fail. This is of course a worst case scenario but it could be avoided with the pressure sensors installed. If the pressure starts to drop while you’re driving on the motorway it may give you the advanced notice that could prevent an accident. A contributing factor in approximately 40% of serious road accidents are under inflated tyres.

Incorrect Tyre Pressures Can Increase Fuel Costs

Tyres that are under inflated drag slightly and don’t roll along the road as smoothly.  The car’s engine has to work harder and use more fuel. Most modern tyres have tread patterns that are designed to help you use less fuel. By not checking the tyre pressures regularly means you could be wasting money and increasing the CO2 emissions harmful to the environment.

Under and over inflated tyres will cost you more money as they will wear out more quickly. At the correct pressure the tyre is the correct shape. With too much or too little air in them the shape becomes deformed and certain areas of the tyre will wear more quickly. If the tyres aren’t checked before the MOT test, this could cause the car to fail. Badly worn tyres are the biggest cause of MOT fails.

If you have a car fitted with TPMS you will need a specialist to service them. Like all car components, tyre pressure monitors need maintenance and it’s recommended they’re serviced every 12 months or when a tyre is change. If you’re in the Tipton area, Addison Tyre Ltd are an approved TPMS Expert Centre. In addition to offering great deals on tyres they can also make sure your car’s tyres are keeping you informed.