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We are proud members of Point S, the worldwide leading independent tyre dealer network with over 5500 depots in 38 countries and over 18 million tyres sold per year! With this enormous buying power, we can offer our customers internet beating prices on budget and premium top brand tyres.

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Wheel Balancing Experts

Our highly trained technicians will not only balance your wheels they will perform an extensive safety check. We check your rims for buckles, which if unnoticed can cause extensive vibration. We also inspect your existing tyres to ensure they are not stepped or distorted. If you’re getting vibration from your steering wheel below 70 mph this is normally caused by front wheels being out of balance, if the vibration is over 70 mph this can be the result of rear wheels being out of balance. We use the new top-of-the-range models of balancing machines, the Hofman 820 Megaspin laser wheel balancers. Commands are given using a control panel with an integrated LCD monitor which displays high-resolution graphics. These balancers have an accuracy of 1 gram to ensure you get no vibrations, especially when driving at high speeds.

With any vibration problem, we always recommend balancing all four wheels to ensure the problem is resolved. We stock a large range of balance weights to suit all wheels and can fit adhesive weights to the inside of alloy wheels so no unsightly knock on weights are in view. We keep silver and gloss black adhesive weights in stock. To guarantee outstanding precision, the Hofman 820 megaspin laser wheel balancer have intelligent software that renders the machine immune from outside disturbances such as accidental knocks or vibrations during balancing operations. These machines are calibrated on a regular basis to ensure 100% accurate balancing.

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Motorcycle Wheel Balancing

We use the Abba super pro wheel balancer for the wheel balancing. This has an accuracy of 1 gram and is used by many race circuit garages and main dealerships so you get an accurate balance every time. We can balance all motorcycle wheels, front and rear. We have a staged adapter to suit all common sizes of wheel bearings. We also have a single-sided adapter for balancing single sided swing arm model wheels that do not have the bearings in the rear wheel. For example VFR’s, Ducati’s, BMW’s and Triumphs.

With four additional bearings on the wheel balancer, this allows almost friction free, very accurate balancing. We use a variety of adhesive weights, with a fantastic choice of silver and gloss black weights to blend in well with all alloy finishes.

  • Buckled Alloys

    Buckled, Cracked & Dented Alloys


    We also offer buckle repairs and weld repairs for lightly damaged and cracked alloys. We do not use fillers which are an inferior repair, all wheels are welded then machined by experienced engineers. We always add structural strength back into the wheel by welding. A full inspection of the wheel will be completed on site, which will allow a detailed quotation to be provided. All work is fully guaranteed.

    See our Wheel Refurbishment Service.

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Buckled Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists