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We are proud members of Point S, the worldwide leading independent tyre dealer network with over 5500 depots in 38 countries and over 18 million tyres sold per year! With this enormous buying power, we can offer our customers internet beating prices on budget and premium top brand tyres.

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Quality Alloy Wheels

We stock an extensive range of alloys for cars, vans and 4×4 vehicles. We deal directly with manufacturers enabling us to offer you maximum discount prices. Our highly experienced staff can advise you on all aspects, from choosing the correct size and specification for your vehicle. We have many years of experience so you know you’re in safe hands. If you do not require tyres and would like to have your existing tyres fitted to a set of alloys, please mention this when contacting us and we can do this for you. For further information and advice, please get in touch today with Addison Tyre. Our package prices include:

  • New tyres
  • Fitting of your new alloys to your vehicle
  • A full safety check
  • 4 wheel computer alignment check on Hunter ‘State of the Art’ equipment
  • VAT
  • We do not offer a mail order service, all tyres and alloys must be collected from our warehouse in Tipton.

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Security Locking Nuts & Bolts

We stock a wide range of quality security locking nuts and bolts, we also offer a locking nut removal service if you have lost or damaged your adapter key. Please read further information here.

Nuts Bolts


We also stock a wide range of fantastic valves to match your requirements and put that finishing touch to your new alloy wheel purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a selection of FAQs. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • I would like bigger wheels, but how big can I actually go?

    The majority of cars can increase the wheel size by up to 4 inches, without any need for modifications. It’s very important that the correct tyre choice is made to ensure the rolling radius stays the same. This means that the cars gearing and speedometer will remain the same. Addison Tyre have over 25 years experience in alloy wheel sales, so you will always get the correct advice you need.

  • What tyre size will I need?

    The experienced team at Addison Tyre will ensure you are given the correct tyre size. Here are some common examples of tyres which have the same rolling radius.

    • 195/65R15 Rolling diameter 645mm
    • 205/55R16 Rolling diameter 642mm
    • 225/45R17 Rolling diameter 642mm
    • 225/40R18 Rolling diameter 645mm
  • How will increasing the wheel size affect the handling of my car?

    The car will not only look better but the handling will be vastly improved. With a wider and lower profile tyre, the grip and steering response will be much better than your standard wheels.

  • I want bigger wheels than is recommended?

    We do not recommend fitting bigger wheels than those stated in our guide, but if you are determined to do this we have a local body shop who can carry out the modifications you will need. Generally rolling the lip of the wheel arches is what you will need to give more clearance.

  • What is the offset of a wheel?

    This is a measurement in mm of the distance from the mounting face of the alloy to where it mounts against the wheel hub. You will see the offset stamped on the back of all alloy wheels. For example, offset 38 is stamped et38.

  • Why is it important to fit the correct offset wheel?

    All vehicles use wheels with a certain offset. If the wrong offset wheels are fitted this can cause serious problems with the handling, in some cases making the car unsafe to drive. Also, fitting the wrong offset can cause the wheels to make contact with the bodywork or suspension.

  • The PCD, what is it?

    The PCD is the Pitch Circle Diameter. The easiest way to explain the PCD is to imagine a circle with its centre in the middle of the wheel with the mounting holes equally spaced around this circle. For example, a 4/108 PCD would be the measurement between the centre of each mounting hole of a four stud wheel. The distance is measured in mm.

  • What is a spigot ring and what does it do?

    A spigot ring is a ring made out of plastic that fits inside the alloy wheel. The spigot ring ensures that the wheel fits centrally on the hub. It is important that the correct bore size is used to fit the wheel hub. If the wheel is fitted without this ring then it would not be centred on the hub and this would result in vibration, especially at high speed.

  • What is the correct tyre pressure to use with my new alloy wheels?

    Use the same pressure recommended by the manufacturer, changing the tyre size in most cases will not affect the tyre pressure. Addison Tyre staff can check this for you on request.

  • What warranty will I receive on alloy wheels?

    All of our range of wheels have a 12 month warranty on the structure, some manufacturers give a 6 month or 12 month warranty on the paint finish. Many polished wheels have a 6 month warranty but we can confirm all warranty questions upon request. We do not offer a warranty on wear and tear or accidental damage that occurs through normal use. If you have any warranty issues with any alloy wheels purchased from Addison Tyre we will always do our best to help you.

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