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We are proud members of Point S, the worldwide leading independent tyre dealer network with over 5500 depots in 38 countries and over 18 million tyres sold per year! With this enormous buying power, we can offer our customers internet beating prices on budget and premium top brand tyres.

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When it comes to brakes, our experienced mechanics regard your safety as their main priority. We offer a free primary brake inspection (full check also available, see further below). This involves removing your vehicle’s front wheels in order to visually inspect the brake components. Our mechanic’s inspection should provide a general indication as to the serviceability of the vehicle’s overall braking system. It doesn’t matter what make or model of car you drive, you’ll get one of the most competitive quotes around whatever parts need replacing.

  • Brake discs & pads
  • Callipers
  • Brake pipes & fluid

It is absolutely essential to have the brakes system checked regularly, as failure will cause partial or total loss of braking. We only fit brakes that are made to original equipment standards, meaning you’re guaranteed the highest levels of safety. If required, we can use original equipment parts which are main dealer supplied (e.g. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Ford, Vauxhall etc). * Please mention this if you prefer OE parts when contacting us for a quote.

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Full Brake Inspection

This comprehensive inspection of a vehicle’s braking system involves the removal of all four wheels (and drums where applicable) in order to inspect the following brake components:

  • Brake discs, pads and shoes
  • Callipers / wheel cylinders
  • Brake pipes (metal and rubber)
  • Brake master cylinder / servo
  • Handbrake cables & linkages (Adjust handbrake if necessary)
  • Brake drums (Clean and remove dust from drums)
  • Brake fluid (Check level)

The Full Brake Inspection is available at just £20+vat. This charge will be refunded if any brake components need to be replaced, provided you have the work carried out with us within ten working days from inspection.