How to Prepare Your Car for its MOT

How to Prepare Your Car for its MOT

By Addison Tyre

If your car is over three years old it will require an annual MOT test to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy. Getting your annual MOT test can always be a daunting task, especially with the extra expenses that can occur because of the maintenance that may need to be carried out.

Even if you are not an expert with cars there are still a few things you can do to make sure it is ready for its MOT. These little precautions could save you having to pay out for repairs and make sure your car is not off the road for any longer than it needs to be. Here are a few simple checks you can do yourself:

Wipers and Windscreen

• Check your washers have water in them and they are working properly.
• Make sure your wipers are working properly and are not cracked or broken.
• Check your windscreen for cracks – it could fail depending on the extent of the crack.

Wheels & Tyres

• If your vehicle has alloy wheels check there are no wheel nuts missing.
• Check the tread on your tyres, in order to pass it’s MOT and to be within the legal limit your tyres’ tread must be at least 1.6mm.

Lights, Indicators & Hazards

• Check all your lights are working properly.
• Check that your indicators are in full working order.


• Check that your seatbelts fully engage in the seatbelt holster on both the front and the back of the car.

The main checks will need to be carried out by a qualified mechanic so leave them to the MOT tester. Making sure you have completed these checks can limit the cost of your MOT and could potentially stop it failing or reduce the repair costs.

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