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Porche Hunter Hawk Eye

Get your 4 wheel alignment checked by our technicians using the latest technology from Hunter Hawk Eye.

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Wheel Balancing

Our top-of-the-range balancers have an accuracy of 1 gram to ensure you get no vibrations, especially when driving at high speeds.

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Exhausts, Brakes & Oil Change Wolverhampton & Dudley | Exhaust & Brake Repairs & Service

We can supply and fit individual parts or the complete exhaust system, including the catalytic converter.

We cater for a wide range of vehicles. All exhausts are fitted by experienced mechanics, all exhausts are fully guaranteed.

Your exhaust is made up from a number of parts. It is likely that only one or two parts of the system will need replacing at any one time. Addison Tyre Centre can replace individual parts or the full system depending on what is required, but will only carry out work that needs to be done. It is advisable to have your exhaust checked every 10,000km (6,250 miles) or at least once a year for damage or failure.

Please call in for an inspection and a free quote.

The exhaust system is one of the hardest working components on your vehicle. It is constantly in use whilst the engine is running. An exhaust system on most vehicles usually comprises of four sections:

  • Manifold
  • Front Downpipe
  • Centre Section
  • Rear silencer box

Also on all vehicles registered after 1993 a catalytic converter is fitted. The most common section to become defective is the rear silencer as moisture gathers inside the box and attacks the metal. Corrosion from the inside results in hole, which causes the exhaust to blow. A defective exhaust will mean the vehicle fails the MOT test. It also causes excessive noise; thereby rendering the vehicle illegal which could lead to a fixed penalty fine. An unchecked exhaust may also result in fumes entering the car, which can lead to headaches, sickness and drowsiness.

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are now fitted to all cars to remove harmful pollution from the exhaust gases. This expensive and high-tech component fits in the exhaust system and looks on the outside like a typical silencer box.

The catalytic converter is an integral part of the engine performance system and sensors control the gases entering and leaving the catalytic converter are controlled by the engine management system. The catalytic converter effectiveness is measured by testing the exhaust gas emissions. This is an important part of the MOT and service requirements on all cars today.

The catalytic converter can be damaged if the engine is not properly tuned and excess fuel or oils enter the component. If your catalytic converter or exhaust does become defective and requires replacing, we can provide a top quality replacement parts at significant saving to dealer prices.

With regular servicing and FREE checks we can keep your exhaust system legal and prevent any fumes from entering the vehicle. With our fully skilled mechanics we can diagnose any current faults or any faults that may occur in the near future and cause the exhaust or the catalytic converter to become defective.


When it comes to brakes our experienced mechanics regard your safety as their main priority. It doesn't matter what make or model of car you drive, you'll get one of the most competitive quotes around whatever parts need replacing. It is absolutely essential to have the brakes system checked regularly, as failure will cause partial or total loss of braking. We only fit brakes that are made to original equipment standards meaning you are guaranteed the highest levels of safety as designed by your vehicle manufacturer. If required we can use original equipment parts which are main dealer supplied. E.g. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Ford, Vauxhall etc.

*Please mention this if you prefer OE parts when contacting us for a quote.

We offer a free primary brake inspection. This involves removing your vehicle's front wheels in order to visually inspect the following brake related components:

  • Brake discs
  • Brake pads
  • Callipers
  • Brake pipes
  • Brake fluid

This inspection should provide a general indication as to the serviceability of the vehicle's overall braking system, although it is worth remembering that the primary brake inspection is only a snapshot of the condition of your vehicle's braking system.

We would always recommend periodical Full brake Inspections involving the removal of all wheels, for which we make a nominal charge.

Full Brake Inspection

This comprehensive inspection of a vehicle's braking system involves the removal of all four wheels and drums (where applicable) from a vehicle in order to inspect the following brake components:

  • Brake discs
  • Brake pads and shoes
  • Callipers/wheel cylinders
  • Brake pipes (metal and rubber)
  • Brake master cylinder/servo
  • Handbrake cables and linkages (Adjust handbrake if necessary)
  • Brake drums (Clean and remove dust from drums)
  • Brake fluid (Check level)

The Full Brake Inspection is available at just £20+vat. This charge will be refunded if any brake components need to be replaced, provided you have the work carried out with us within ten working days from inspection.

Interim - Oil Service

This service includes an oil and filter change and a basic engine check up, if required we can also replace spark plugs on this service.

* There is an additional charge for long-life, platinum and multi-electrode plugs if these are specified by customer.

** Specific branded or synthetic oils are also subject to an extra charge. e.g.. Castrol, Mobil, etc.

Combined Oil service and MOT Test

We can provide your vehicle with an MOT test please mention this when booking in your vehicle for service.


Oil Information

Low oil levels will damage your engine and you should always remember that your oil light won't illuminate until your oil level is already low.

Low oil levels can damage your engine by causing overheating and can even result in the engine seizing completely. You can counteract this by regularly checking the oil level in your car and using the correct grade of oil.

Using the correct grade of oil will offer your engine protection from the moment you turn the key, improve performance and increase engine economy.

Which Oil Is Right For My Car?

Oil Types Oil Types

* Grade of oil. For guide purposes only. Please refer to your vehicle handbook

Fully Synthetic Benefits

0W-30 - Enhanced protection

0W-40 - Protection within the crucial first 10 minutes after start up

5W-30 - 3 times better at reducing engine wear. Increases oil change intervals - change your oil less often

Part Synthetic Benefits

5W-30 - Enhanced protection

10W-40 - Protection within the crucial first 10 minutes after start up

15W-40 - 3 times better at reducing engine wear. Increases oil change intervals - change your oil less often

Mineral Benefits

10W-40 - Basic protection for a variety of engines

15W-40 - Change of oil required more often - remember to check it regularly


We can provide your vehicle with just an MOT, you do not need to have any other work carried out. We offer an 100% honest Mot, you will not be recommended to replace parts that don't need replacing.

If your vehicle does fail and needs repairs we can quote for these at very competitive prices. If you wish to carry out any repairs elsewhere we really do not mind, there is no retest fee if the vehicle is bought back within 10 working days.


Any vehicle that is not bought back for retest within 10 working days has to be fully retested again at normal cost.


We can supply batteries for cars, motorcycles and scooters, quads, jet skis, light commercial vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, agricultural vehicles, plant and industrial vehicles, golf buggies, leisure and mobility applications.

All the batteries we supply are heavy duty and come with either a two or three year 'no quibble' warranty. We have many years of experience and extensive knowledge with batteries; we will ensure you are supplied with the correct battery for your vehicle. Our prices are extremely competitive, we keep a wide range of batteries in stock and we are the approved stockists of Varta, Tungstone and Platinum batteries for the West Midlands area.

We stock and recommend Varta batteries as all the leading car manufacturers fit them as original equipment; we also supply Tungstone and Platinum batteries, which meet OE specification and standards and are also excellent quality products. We do not sell budget batteries, as they are inferior in quality and unreliable.

We offer a 'free' diagnostics check of your existing battery and if it only needs charging we will only give you honest advice. We will also carry out a FREE alternator test on request. We do offer a battery fitting service at a nominal cost.

Power, performance and reliability are the most important factors for determining the quality of a car battery – and VARTA is the benchmark for battery quality in the automotive industry. Our philosophy is to never compromise on quality, and this mantra has earned us the number one position as first choice supplier to the vehicle manufacturers.

The VARTA battery package packs a powerful punch. Our adherence to the highest quality standards mean there is no room for compromise, and our technological expertise leads to continual innovation and improvement. This is why we can, again and again, offer the market products, which guarantee improved power and reliability - products that further extend our lead over the competition.


"I have used Addison Tyres for several years and never go elsewhere for wheels, cheap tyres, brakes or general car maintenance for both of my cars. Excellent customer service, they stick to timescales promised, they provide good value for money and are very transparent in the way that they quote and break down their costs so that customers understand them. I trust Jason 100% and would highly recommend him and his team. Plus the coffee is great and all the team are very personable!"

Eve Morris

"If you want excellent service, cheerful, knowledgeable staff and don't want to be ripped off then Addison Tyre Centre is what you are looking for. I even got a free state of the art wheel alignment check, I was told I didn't need to have my wheels aligned so didn't spend as much as I thought I was going to. Cheers to all at Addison's, it's nice to know that even if your are a female driver you will not be overcharged. Thank you"

Rose B

"I first used Addison Tyres a few years back and haven't gone anywhere else since. The guys are always helpful, efficient and really honest. They never rip you off and go out of their way to help. First class service with competitive prices - could not recommend highly enough."


"We've used Addison's several times both for Company Vehicles as well as our personal cars. Outstanding Value and excellent service everytime - I would heartily recommend Jason's company to anyone who want's not only the best deal on new tyres - but also a friendly and knowledgeable service."

Dave Hadley

"Went to Addison tyre centre for the first time today, and was very pleased at the exceptional and honest service. I would recommend anyone to try them out, you will not be disappointed. I won't be going to anyone else now but Addison's. They are not very expensive, you could quite easily go there on a budget. Keep up the good work guys.Thanks for all your help and expertise!"


"If you want the job done properly, this is the place to go. Very friendly and give good free advice, excellent prices top work guys. excellent service"

Wayne H

"For mot and replacement parts efficient and quick service, they are very trustworthy and will accommodate any needs for fitting in your vehicle. have used the company on numerous occasions. Excellent service"

Claire H

"My family have used this company for a number of years. Well done for giving us plenty of advice as well as sorting out our budget tyres, the lost locking nut for our wheels that you sorted out could have been tricky with out your help. The lads are fab and nice to see a family run business on our high street, very quick, Fab Team Big thank you from all of us."


"I went to Addison for a puncture repair which was dealt with immediately and while I was there asked them to replace a front wiper blade and check a ball joint for me, the result was puncture sorted wiper sorted and ball joint fine no further work needed yet. It was impressive to find a company that was not trying to get me to have work done for their benefit. The service was impeccable with a full explanation of all work done which complemented the whole experience. Addison is guaranteed my custom again along with me recommending them to anybody I come across in need of their services, thank you"

Mr Collins

"I have been using Addison Tyres for more years than I care to remember, and Jason and the lads have always provided excellent service, always looking at building up a long-term relationship with the customer rather than some places that seem more interested in trying to make a fast buck."

Mark Andrews

"A big thank you for sorting out a battery on my Punto today!! Excellent price, speedy and polite customer service. Definitely a repeat customer :)"

Helen Pitt

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